Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hike Out PTSD

Hike Out PTSD is an organization that is to give support, encourage and fund raise for anyone that has to deal with PTSD. PTSD is mis understood by the majority of the general public which causes even more of a problem. It has been put out in the open more recently, it is something that can range from very minor to major with reactions to a situation that has caused drama to someone. PTSD can attack anyone and does not descriminate against race age or sex, PTSD can be treated but does not always subside if ever. With different treatments and support groups it is possible for a more positive outcome but this does not always happen in every case. My PCT hike and all of my future hikes will be for this horrible type of anxiety disorder to support, create and sponsor events and fund raise in order to give to organizations and groups to help persons that need support,counseling and love. Hike Out PTSD is a non-profit organization that cares about the well being of human beings and thier loved ones, join me in my life long hike to give to those who need it the most. Not only will my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail be the begining of a life long goal it will be the start of many more thru hikes and a heart felt personal organization that is here to love and help hearts in need. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is very real but to often thought of as no big deal but in fact it is very damaging to the ones that suffer directly from it and to the family and friends. We can not judge these persons and the way they feel but we can support and try to help manage and create ways to cope and learn about the anxiety disorder that is such a ghost disorder.

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